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Greetings, dear readers! We are happy to see you on our website –, dedicated to the legendary writer’s work. It’s a great honor to share his writing brilliance with you, ladies and gentlemen.

We put a lot of effort into creating the most comprehensive collections of Dickens’s novels, stories, sketches, travelogues, articles, and essays. One can never overestimate his legacy, his contribution to literature. His creative talent has inspired numerous writers to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.

That’s what makes him a true icon, a man that will always have a place in our hearts and souls. The Charles Dickens books are the best guide into the XIX century, an invitation to follow the master into the world of old traditions, customs, and the numerous challenges that the regular folks had to overcome.

One Of The Finest Charles Dickens Collections

Our website includes all 16 of his novels, including the internationally-loved and cherished A Tale Of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, and others. You’ll find them in the “Novels” section. Epub, MOBI, and PDF are available for a free download. Or, you can just read whatever book you want at

The Mystery of Edwin Drood, the last big novel that the writer was working on, but never got to finish is also available. Every single full-length book by the master is like an entire universe. Dickens was constantly looking for an inspiration and really loved to walk around London to familiarize himself with the ups and downs of the dark and gloomy streets.

And that is why his novels almost always received international praise and became best sellers. People were counting days before the official release dates of his books and sharing their opinions about certain events and characters, helping him to perfect his writing. So, go to “Novels”, pick a book you like, and enjoy what one of the finest writers in history has to offer.


The Beauty Of The Christmas Books And Stories By Charles Dickens

If you’re a big fan of Christmas and full-length stories about this marvelous holiday, take a look at the “Christmas Books” section. Dickens wrote five books; they’re all available at Or maybe you don’t like long reads are want something a bit more “compact”, something that you can finish in one go?

In that case, our Christmas stories are exactly what you need. Overall, there are 19 short stories there will be perfect for a nice evening read. Fact: even if you don’t remember the titles, you most definitely have read one or two of these tales back when you were a little kid. There are a couple of collaborations with Wilkie Collins, a good friend of Dickens, but most of the stories are written by the man himself.

It’s worth mentioning that the Christmas Charles Dickens books and stories, especially A Christmas Carol, had a huge impact on the literary world and made the holiday popular again. At the time of its publication, people in the United Kingdom were slowly, but steadily going back to the fine traditions of celebrating, and the writer used it as an opportunity to create another best seller.

Ghost Stories And Collaborations

If not for this novel and the rest of his Christmas works, it might’ve never become so popular. There isn’t one bad or average story – every single one of them is great and lovely. is also home to the writer’s fascinating short stories that include the world-famous The Signal-Man, The Haunted House, Master Humphrey’s Clock, and others.

Go to “Short Stories” and familiarize yourself with our collection. Dickens will make you laugh, cry, and have a really good time. Keep in mind that A House to Let was written in collaboration with four other authors, including Collins, Gaskell, and Procter.

It’s a ghost story, and if you’re a fan of Charles Dickens books, then you know that he was a big fan of spooky tales about haunted homes. Hunted Down, in turn, is one of the first stories about police detectives; so, make sure to check it out!


The Greatest Travelogues Of The XIX Century

Along with writing bestselling novels and stories, Dickens was also a big fan of traveling with his family/friends and exploring the world. Without a doubt, his American Notes are one of the finest (and one of the most scandalous) travelogues of the XIX century. He spent several months there and tried to understand the very essence of the country and its people.

He had a lot of good things to say about the North-American region and called it a marvelous place. At the same time, he criticized the government for sticking with slavery and judged the businessmen for being scoundrels and fraudsters. Of all the Charles Dickens books, this is the most provocative one.

People even called Dickens a traitor and an instigator who wanted to start a war between the US and the United Kingdom! Pictures from Italy, in turn, feels a lot more as a travelogue and follows the writer’s experiences in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Standing Up For the Working Class

And while Dickens praised the architecture, the historical presence, and the ever-celebrating locals, he couldn’t close his eyes on the poverty, the corruption and the injustice that had taken over Rome’s narrow streets.

He used his literary significance to push the government and to unite folks under one flag. The writer was disappointed by the working conditions in Italy that resembled those in the United Kingdom, his home.

The Lazy Tour is arguably the funniest collaboration of the XIX century. Dickens and Collins created a true masterpiece, a book that you can re-read numerous times and still laugh like it’s your first one. They put their incredible skills to good use and delivered a must-read. Go to “Travel Notes” to check it out. Definitely one of finest Charles Dickens books.

Contributions To Journals And Magazines

The fans of Dickens’s less-known writing and his contributions to several journals (including his own) should go to our “Articles & Essays” section. Sketches By Boz, his first breakthrough collection of short sketches and stories, hit the shelves in 1833 and gave his career a mighty push. Reprinted Pieces come with his works for the Household Works, a periodical he used to run for 9 years straight.

The interesting thing about them is that you can clearly see how the writer’s talent developed over the years. Furthermore, some of the characters and events became the foundation for his novels. Miscellaneous Papers also includes Dickens’s work for a series of magazines, and so do the “Contributions”.

In Sunday Under Three Heads, he criticizes the laws and limitations of religion and argues that when it comes to believing in God, no person out there can choose what’s right and what’s wrong for others. Most of the Charles Dickens books talk about a certain resonating topic and this one was extremely popular during his time.

The Most Entertaining History Book Ever

If you’ve got little kids running around in your house, make sure to introduce them to the Child’s Story, This is the famous writer’s take on the history of England from the early days all the way up to Queen Victoria’s rule.

Unlike the majority of historical book authors, Dickens was free in terms of the writing style and gave the kings and queens funny names while exposing the real truth about them. Even though this book is intended for the kids, the grown-ups will also find it quite intriguing, if nothing else.

Go to – A Child’s Story to be able to download and to read the book. It’s safe to say that your children will appreciate the author’s honesty and gripping writing that make it feel more like a fictional story than a course into history.

All Of Charles Dickens’s Speeches In One Section

Another great example of Dickens’s exceptionalism is his speeches. Today, in the 21st century, we have an opportunity to read every single word he said during his uplifting and inspiring public speeches. Sadly, we can’t hear his voice, but these texts are still very much engaging and motivating.

The man gave 56 speeches, and, unlike the Charles Dickens books, he wasn’t satirical and/or funny during those appearances. Dickens only spoke about the things that bothered his loving heart and caring soul. The first speech was given in 1941; the last one – in 1870, about a month before his death.

The Biography Of A Legend

And finally, if you want to learn more about the writer’s personal life, go to “Biography”. The man had a pretty rough childhood and had to take care of himself at a very young age. But, thanks to his resilience and strong will, Charles proved to the whole world that you can make your dreams come true if you’re just another 12-year-old kid working 12 hours a day.

He had a very eventful, rich and multi-layered life. And even when he became a world-famous writer, Dickens never lost his love for the working-class folks and dedicated most of his novels/stories to them. That’s right – the majority of the Charles Dickens books follow the lives of the low-class people; they are his heroes.

As mentioned in the beginning, Charles Dickens is an iconic writer whose legacy is just as relevant today as it was 150-170 years ago. His impact on the social and moral pillars is huge, and it’s safe to say that there was no better English writer in the XIX century.

Numerous Movie, TV, Stage And Radio Adaptations

There are hundreds of movie, TV, theatrical and radio adaptations of his works. Some of his greatest novels, including A Christmas Carol, Bleak House and A Tale of Two Cities were adapted for the big screen dozens of times. To this day, people are still finding new ways to interpret the classic Charles Dickens books and introduce their vision to the audience.

Some of the stage and movie adaptations became international hits, while others didn’t get the recognition they deserved. You can read about them on our website (just choose a novel/story and scroll down to the bottom of the pages).

Summing up, we want to say that it’s great to see you on Don’t ever rush yourself when reading a Dickens book. Enjoy the process, let his words sink in and his wisdom embrace you. After all, we love literature for the fact that it makes us better people, right?




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