by Charles Dickens

I have started CharlesDickensBooks.com website almost 20 years ago. From the beginning of its existing, this site positioned itself as a free library of Charles Dickens works. The reason I created the CharlesDickensBooks.com is very simple. I decided to give people around the world free access to the legacy of this famous writer.

How many webmasters are managing CharlesDickensBooks.com?

Only one person is doing that. I am telling about myself of course. I have a very regular name – John. Nice to meet you all:) A am not a great expert in the classic literature. I am websites developer who is fond of Mr. Dickens novels and short stories.

Works you can read browsing this site:

I tried to give you access to the very vast collection of Fiction and Nonfiction writings by Charles Dickens:

  • 15 novels
  • 5 novellas
  • 30 short stories
  • Great collection of Dickens nonfiction works including his speeches, travel articles, essays and even such a rare book as A Child’s History of England, etc

Hope you will enjoy this website. Have a nice day!

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