Contributions to All the Year Round

by Charles Dickens

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Dickens founded The Magazine In 1859 And Made Significant Contributions To It. Download Contributions to All the Year Round, READ online FREE or buy:

Dickens used to own and run several journals and periodicals, and ATYR was, without a doubt, the most successful one. He founded it back in 1859 and it lasted all the way up to ’95. Dickens was the chief editor and had complete control over the creative decisions.

After he had a falling out with his previous publisher (they worked together on Household Words), the writer wanted to be both the chief and the editor. He realized that the publisher had too big of a voice in the decisions they were making and, after a scandalous fight, he parted ways with them.

Fighting With His Ex Partners And Going Solo

So, he made sure he owned the new project entirely. The master used his periodical to introduce the public to some of his greatest works, including some of his most popular novels. The writer passed away in ’70 and left the periodical to his kid. He made him the co-editor and bequeathed it to the man approximately 7 days before his passing.

The very first publication in the new periodical was the opening chapter of – yep, you guessed – “Two Cities”. The fans and the critics had only good things to say both for the epic novel and for ATYR which gave Dickens the necessary encouragement to keep putting his heart and soul into the new project.

The man was quite happy with it and even wrote once that the novel did not only bring back all the initial investments but also made 500 funds. About a month after the start, he won the suit against his previous partners and got back the rights to HW.

Turning ATYR Into The Best Journal In England

However, a month after the successful start of the new project, the previous one was officially terminated, with Dickens announcing about it in the proper manner. As far as the balance between nonfiction and fiction went, the master kept it the same as before, but the accent switched a bit towards more serious topics.

Fact: a significant part of the articles in the periodical were about international news, events, and cultures. Dickens wanted ATYR to be the best journal in the UK and covered topics such as science, business, travels, adventures, and the lives of the simple folks who managed to become successful.

After 1863, the writer started to write less and less for it, focusing more on his live performances and public readings. Now, along with “Two Cities”, Dickens also contributed Great Expectations to the magazine, which, again, was a huge success.

Summing Up

The Uncommercial Traveller was also among the notable works published in ATYR. Wilkie Collins, his great friend, and collaborator contributed three novels. Numerous writers wrote novels, stories, and articles for the periodical, but Dickens was, without a doubt, the biggest contributor.

Charles Dickens was a great editor and knew exactly what the readers wanted. He managed to get together a talented stuff and introduced the literary world to numerous fresh ideas. And, whenever the sales dropped, he was quick to publish one of his new novels in a serialized form, boosting its popularity in a matter of days.

He collaborated with many writers and was always happy to welcome gifted writers to his publishing house. Unfortunately, after his death, the periodical lost its “edge” and slowly, but steadily fell into the abyss.




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