David Copperfield

by Charles Dickens

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Sir Charles Dickens needs no introductions. He is the pride and joy of English literature and will be relevant for every new generation. Dickens has a unique talent, a gift from God himself that allows him to look deeper into our souls and touch the most sensitive strings in our hearts and minds. As for David Copperfield, it’s the master’s 8th novel.

David Copperfield Summary

This is a pretty big and complex story and will be appreciated by the fans of thought-provoking, educational, and insightful tales. The plot follows the life of David from his early years to adulthood. The boy came to this Earth 6 months after his dad passed away.

However, most of his early years were filled with love and happiness. His childish yet caring mom and Peggotty, their tough yet kind-hearted housekeeper, made sure the boy had a trouble-free and full life.

Luxury was never a part of their daily routine, and Clara, David’s mother, had to count every single penny to get through. Still, she managed to provide for her son and to give him everything he ever needed. But the whole world flipped upside down when the kid turned 7 years old.

Trouble In Paradise

His mom married another man and they made him leave and stay with the housekeeper’s family for a while. David was angered by his mother’s decision and the marriage broke his heart. He never wanted a stepfather in the first place, and nobody could replace him his father, even though he was never around and the kid never knew him.

At the same time, Emily, Peggotty’s brother’s adopted daughter, enchanted the young man’s passionate heart and he fell in love with her. Later, when he came back home, David discovered that his mother’s life has turned into a nightmare. The harsh reality of life forced the teenage boy to grow up fast…

Every Great Author Writes A Book About Himself

Charles Dickens really loved to share his new stories with the audience in a serialized form, and DC was no exception. It first saw the light of day in 1849 and was released as a full-length book a year later. It’s worth mentioning that this is probably the most personal novel by Dickens because many events/characters in it resemble those of the man’s own life.

Many critics call it the official autobiography disguised as just another novel. They say that Dickens himself considered David Copperfield to be a masterpiece and that he loved and cherished it more than any other novel from his collection. He even added an introduction to an edition that came out 17 years ago claiming that this novel was his favorite “child”.

David Copperfield Themes

If you’re a big fan of Charles Dickens, then you probably already know that he always talks about resonating problems of his time. Religion, faith, social/racial/sexual inequality, the flaws of the judicial system, and many other things. Every time he chooses a topic to talk about, Dickens lights a fire inside of people’s hearts and inspires them to take matters into their own hands. Even today, more than 150 years later, he’s still capable of doing that.

In this novel, he decided to open up and tell his own story. Yes, this is his most personal novel, so, if you ever wanted to learn more about his ups and downs, this book will be the best pick. Charles himself had to turn into an adult at a very young age after they locked his father in a prison. Poverty played a huge role in his life and was the driving force behind the future writer’s actions.

Charles Dickens Created An Admirable Character

David, the main character of this story, is a persistent, overzealous, charismatic young man with the heart of a rebel. He represents a whole generation of gifted and capable lads who were trying to make an honest living among the chaos and devastation that ruled the streets of London and the whole European continent.

After his aunt takes him in, people start to call him all kinds of different names, and that shows us, the readers, that you can change a man’s name, but you’ll never be able to break his spirit. Dickens put a lot of effort into this novel and wanted to make it perfect. The critics are praising it for being optimistic and encouraging, especially for the people of his time.

David Copperfield Is A Young Man’s Journey Towards Finding His Own Self

This novel is the turbulent story of a young gentleman who had to overcome numerous obstacles before finding his true calling in life. His childhood was challenging, and his adulthood years hardened the boy and turned him into a hard-boiled man.

It took him numerous trials and errors before he found his vocation as a bestselling writer. Mr. Murdstone, his heartless tyrant of a stepfather, Betsey, his troubled aunt, the likable yet cunning Heep and all the other people that he came across were vital parts of David’s journey, his life-changing adventure.

David was born on a Friday as the clock struck midnight. Back in the 19th century, that was considered to be an unlucky circumstance. The women of the hood and even the nurse believed in an “unlucky omen” that would follow the child wherever he went. However, that didn’t stop the boy from growing into a successful novelist and a relatively happy man.

Charles Dickens And His Caricatures

David Copperfield comes with long sentences and a very slow-paced narrative. Keep that in mind and don’t be surprised by the long descriptions of people, places, and events. At first, Dickens’s style might seem too “boring” for you, but it’s actually a part of his charm.

Now, this writer is often being criticized for the lack of truly memorable characters. In fact, he’s known for creating caricatures instead of real-world people that you can relate to. Multi-layered heroes are a very rare thing in a Dickens novel.

If a certain character is bad, he’s not going to have a good side. And vice versa. But, thankfully, in David Copperfield, there are more than a few rich and diverse men and women that will linger on long after you put the book down. For example, the critics call Mr. Micawber one of the finest comic characters in literature.

Agnes, in turn, a humble, educated and unbelievably beautiful woman, is believed to be a cumulative portrait of the most important women in Dickens’s life.Yes, this novel comes with numerous bright characters that still live on after all those years. And that’s how you differentiate a good book from a true classic that never fades!

A David Copperfield Movie

Overall, there are as much as 13 movie/TV show adaptations of this novel. The first one came out in 1911 and was a silent film. The next two that came around in 1913 and 1922 were also silent. The first sound adaptation hit the theaters in 1935. As for the first TV-show, BBC released it in 1956. Another serial was made a decade later.

A 10-episode TV show called David Copperfield was broadcasted in 1986. It was nominated for many prestigious awards, a BAFTA in the Children’s Programme being one of them. The 2000 movie of the same name received largely positive reviews from the fans and the critics, even though the actors/actresses did receive a lot of criticism. The movie cast included Hugh Dancy as David and Sally Field.

Summing Up

David Copperfield is, without a doubt, one of the most captivating, exciting and boisterous novels by the great Charles Dickens. As mentioned above, it was first published in 1849, but it is still an incredibly popular book. Tragedy and comedy came together to create a true masterpiece that is constantly being included in numerous “Top-100” lists.

By drawing on his own life experiences, the writer did a brilliant job of revealing his story to the readers. He wasn’t afraid to share his most precious memories with us, and that makes David Copperfield special.

It’s not easy for a writer to make himself vulnerable and to let millions of people learn about his most precious and intimate moments. Yet, the ones that manage to do that earn our trust and respect. David Copperfield is the pinnacle of Dickens’s work, his most significant novel along with A Tale Of Two Cities.


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