Miscellaneous Papers: essays from The Examiner, Household Words and All the year round

by Charles Dickens

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Back in the XIX century, famous writers were making a living on turning their novels into serialized publications. They had contracts with certain magazines and periodicals and provided new chapters every week or month. Charles Dickens was one of the biggest fans of this method and used to write new installments to his best novels for several journals, including Household Words, ATYR, and others.

Miscellaneous Papers is a collection of the legendary writer’s contributions to the various magazines. Keep in mind that these are essays and articles, not fictional stories. If you love Dickens’s short stories and/or full-length books, go to the respective sections and check our fine library out. In this section, we’ve collected the man’s work for the periodicals.

Charles Dickens And His Resonating Essays

Overall, there are nine essays/notes, and they’ll all be equally interesting for the fans of the writer. In the very first essay, he talked about the flaws of the then-modern agricultural system and had some criticism for the government and the business elite. Dickens always spoke from the bottom of his heart and straight to people’s faces.

He wasn’t ever trying to be politically correct and that s why the low-class and middle-class folks considered him to be a genius and one of the most fearless writers of his time. He claimed that the agricultural laws were all part of a huge conspiracy against the hardworking folks and that the system was rigged. The rich and fortunate ones didn’t care about their employees.

All they really wanted was to treat them as slaves and get even richer and more influential. In the Threatening Letter, he argued that back in the day, when he was just a young lad coming up, the country used to be truly great and the citizens were prouder than ever.

The Challenges Of The XIX Century

He claimed that the government had the residents’ best interest at heart and that the judges were educated, gifted and dedicated people who were trying to protect the law, not avoid it and/or bend it to their own liking. He warned that unless the Englishmen came up with a brilliant new plan, the country was going to turn into a population of savages and morally-depraved murderers.

This wasn’t a rant or anything like that. Dickens never spoke about a complex topic unless he was 100% sure about his words. Today, in the 21st century, it’s quite interesting to read this letter and dive into the troubling world of the XIX century England. Crime and Education is another heartfelt essay by Dickens where he talks about the concept of Ragged Schools and the horrifying conditions that the kids had to live in, the prisons in England, and many other heart-wrenching things.

Speaking From The Bottom Of His Heart

The man himself visited numerous prisons and institutions for the little ones and did everything in his power to bring folks’ attention to the injustice and the horrors that were taking place there every single day. In Capital Punishment, he shared his own opinion about the different types of murder and the necessity to judge folks differently depending on their motivation.

It’s quite a sophisticated article that Dickens put his heart and soul into. He wasn’t trying to persuade other to do exactly how he said. All the master wanted was for the judges and the juries to consider changing some of the brutal laws. The rest of the essays are just as resonating and cover different topics. It’s been a dozen decades since Dickens wrote them, but even today there is a lot to learn and to gain from them.

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