Reprinted Pieces

by Charles Dickens

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This is a collection of sketches and stories wrote by Dickens for Household Words – his journal. Download Reprinted Pieces, READ online FREE or buy:

Charles Dickens was a known hard-worker, in love with his profession. That is why he gave the world so many amazing novels, stories, and everything else in between. Over the years, he contributed to several periodicals and journals, and now you have a wonderful opportunity to read everything the famed man wrote for the Household Words – his journal – in the ’50s.

It was a weekly periodical that used to hit the shelves every Sunday sine 1850 to 1859. The cost was incredibly low, which allowed a wider audience to appreciate Dickens’s writing. Now, on one hand, this journal was dedicated to the poor/working class folks in the United Kingdom.

Running A Successful Periodical For Almost A Decade

But, at the same time, it was also interesting for the middle class, as it was speaking to them in a language they knew and understood. It never came with illustrations and Dickens rarely put his or any other author’s name on the stories. When the sales were going down, the famed Englishman decided to turn his brand-new novel, Hard Times, into a serialized release for the HW.

He managed to boost weekly sales and that gave him the necessary encouragement to keep working on the Household Words. Dickens himself owned half of it, which gave him total creative control over the paper.

That was very important for him, as he hated to have to listen to the other “big gentleman” telling him what to do and how to write his own novels/stories. Unfortunately, in 1859, Dickens couldn’t find common ground with his publisher and had to cease publication.

Putting His Heart And Soul Into A Journal

Still, in all fairness, the paper had a great run and included tons of noticeable works of fiction and nonfiction. As always, the writer focused a lot on dealing with the challenges and issues of his time, raising public awareness and making the government folks pay attention to what he had to say about certain things.

Most of what he wrote was sketches, with some short tales here and there. There’s a series about the capital’s fearless detectives that will be of interest to the fans of Dickens and the genre in total. The thing is – it might be the first-ever case of a detective story being published in history!

Furthermore, some of the characters feel like they served as “test subjects” for the heroes of his new novels, like Mr. Bucket in one of the finest books of the XIX century – Bleak House. By the way, A Child’s History, Dickens’s epic take on the history of England, was serialized in this journal; as was The Dead Secret by his good friend and collaborator, Collins.

Summing Up

There are two travelogues about the writer’s experiences in France. They are equally insightful and pleasing to read. And there’s even a ghost story called the Ghost of Ar. Yes, there’s more than enough to interest a regular reader, not to mention a true Dickens follower.

If you’ve always wanted to read some of the least popular works by Dickens but never knew where to look for them, rejoice, because the Reprinted Pieces is exactly what you need! Detective stories, serialized novels (and not only by Dickens), short sketches and stories – that’s what you can expect to find in this fine collection.



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