Sunday Under Three Heads

by Charles Dickens

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It’s no secret that Charles Dickens was not only a great writer but also a socially-active and conscious citizen. This man used every opportunity to slam the people that wanted to get rich by robbing the hard workers of their every last penny. He wrote numerous articles, essays, travelogues, and gave 56 speeches, and In most of them, he was ruthless against the morally-depraved wealthy members of the society.

Now, while Sunday Under Three Heads is basically about the same things – injustice and inequality, the main theme here is a little bit different. This time around, the master’s focus was on the Gloomy Sundays and the folks who wanted to entrench them in the legislation of the United Kingdom.

The Rich Folks Can Rest On Sundays, But The Poor Ones Can Not

And, even though the most fortunate ones tried to present it as a means to make life easier and more enjoyable for the low-class people, Charles Dickens saw right through their lies and wasn’t shy to speak about it in this book. He called it an act of cruelty and a case of wicked injustice. The law was aimed against the recreations of the hard-workers.

It claimed that no one was to work on Sundays, as God himself choose to rest on that day. At the same time, the crafty rich men and women decided to make the servants work against all odds because, without them, they’d be worthless. Who would cook the dinners, groom the horses, drive the carriages and do all the other things that only the low-class people knew how to do?

Fighting Injustice With Sharp Words

But why not let them rest on Sundays and cook meals for their own families? Why can’t the poor ones go to concerts, dance, sing, and have a good time when they most certainly deserve it? Those are the questions that the great Charles Dickens asked in this resonating article. He was never afraid to stand up for the most unfortunate ones and to be their voice.

The writer knew very well that the majority of the low-class didn’t know how to write and read and that the rich people used that against them. But Dickens educated himself and knew exactly how to talk to the “masters”. Now, while this is a very serious article about injustice, he still found a way to make it funny and entertaining.

Social satire and brutal criticism are a part of his charm, and many prominent politicians of his time were afraid of his piercing words and sharp-as-a-razor phrases. For us, the modern-day readers, it’s just another one of Dickens’s smart and engaging notes that are interesting in the historical context.

The Brilliance Of Charles Dickens

But if we imagine ourselves as a part of the XIX century society, we’ll feel exactly what the writer felt and appreciate his writing even more. Unfortunately, it’s hard to associate ourselves with the challenges of that time; yet, only then will we truly understand the genius of Charles Dickens, the man who fought against injustice and inequality on every step of the way and made sure that the next generations knew how to speak their minds and fight for their rights.

Religion is quite a difficult topic and no person out there can make others do something according to his/her personal gain. England was in a very bad shape in the XIX century and didn’t protect its citizens from the wealthy bullies that treated them however they pleased. But, thanks to freedom fighters like Dickens, slowly, but steadily, common sense took over and the population got its rights back.


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