The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices

by Charles Dickens

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Back in 1857, Charles Dickens was exhausted by the fast-paced life of an internationally loved and famed writer and decided it was time to leave everything behind and embark on a sightseeing journey to Cumberland.

He wasn’t alone in this decision and was joined by Mr. Collins, his good friend, colleague and quite a popular writer in the XIX century. The men traveled together and shared their own experiences in a periodical ran by Dickens.

Two Friends On An Epic Journey

The collaboration turned out to be a huge success – both the critics and the regular fans loved the combination of two different styles and the awesome atmosphere that they managed to create with their writing. In fact, almost every single story that these two worked on together, was received by the audience with raving reviews.

It’s worth mentioning that when two famous writers come together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something truly worth our while will come out of their partnership. Thankfully, The Lazy Tour is a great example of a perfect collaboration between two self-sufficient authors.

Fun fact: Dickens assumed the identity of the mysterious Mr. Goodchild, While Collins chose to be Mr. Idle. And, by using their “covers”, they satirized themselves, turning this travelogue into one of the finest releases of the 19th century.

Dickens And Collins Delivered A Masterpiece

So, The Lazy Tour is not just a great travel diary; it’s also an awesome insight into the brick-strong friendship. If you love the novels, stories, and tales written by this gifted gentlemen, then this joint effort will, without a doubt, be a great pick for you.

The greatest thing about it – the laid-back, relaxed and fun delivery. They didn’t have to prove anything to the readers or the big-time critics because the whole world was fascinated by their work. And that allowed their creativity to flow in the most intriguing way.

This is a hilarious book split into 5 chapters. The first one follows the dynamic duo’s rise to the mountains and the severe injury of Collins’s protégé. Because of the twisted ankle, his friend has no other choice but to carry him.

The two men almost get lost on the mountain after they mess up the compass. Next, they decide to go to a horse race, but not to enjoy the event. Why, exactly? Because they’re too damn idle for that, of course! The second and the fourth chapters are pretty scary, while parts 3 and 5 continue the original plot.

Summing Up

The critics had only the highest praise for The Lazy Tour and stated that while separately, both writers are great, together, they’re simply epic. It’s a pretty short book – only 130 pages long – so, make sure to check it out, because it is, most certainly, worth it.

In the history of literature, marvelous “partnerships” like this one are a rare thing, and that’s what makes this travelogue/novel exceptionally valuable.

Dickens worked with Collins on many of his short stories, including some pretty popular ones. But, in all fairness, The Lazy Tour is their best work. Try to read it after a particularly hard day at work – you’ll be amazed by its “healing” effect!


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