The Mystery of Edwin Drood

by Charles Dickens

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This is the last novel that Dickens was working on. Unfortunately, he never got a chance to finish it. Given the writer’s insane popularity, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that numerous writers tried to complete it in their own way.

The first couple of tries were more sarcastic parodies than serious work. The second and the third ones weren’t any better. Recently, in 2015, The Daily Mail, one of the finest and oldest newspapers in the country, decided to let the public finish Dickens’s masterpiece.

The majority of readers chose that same ending as did the writer’s friends and relatives. However, only Dickens knew how the story would end, and the mystery surrounding this novel makes it that much more intriguing for the fans.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood Summary

John, Edwin’s uncle, is the main character of this book. He’s addicted to opium and is a choirmaster. The man is madly in love with one of his students, a girl named Rosa. There’s nothing wrong with it except that she’s his nephew’s fiancée.

The novel is set in a place that looks and feels a lot like Rochester, one of the finest places in England. The story opens with Edwin visiting the man and telling him about his doubts: he’s not 100% sure he wants to marry Rosa. The girl tells Helena, a young woman sent to the city with her brother to study, that she despises and fears her teacher.

Helena’s brother, in turn, is enchanted with the noble lassie and becomes really angry when he learns that Edwin doesn’t think much of her. The two get into a quarrel, and John uses that incident to tell town folks he’s a violent and brutal man.

An Old Man’s Obsession

Miss Bud’s guardian tells her that she has a huge inheritance left by her late father. And when she learns that breaking up with Edwin won’t take the riches away from her, she sends the man a ring with one condition: either he agrees to marry her, or he returns the ring immediately.

The young man decides to part ways with his former beloved and they go down different roads amicably. Soon after that, Edwin disappears into thin air without leaving a single trace behind. What has happened to him? Could it be that Neville took his life?

John is quick to spread false rumors about him so that he has no competition when it comes to Rosa, the girl he’s been in love with for as long as he can remember. He tells her face to face that he wants her to be his wife. However, the young miss refuses.

Devastated by her rejection, Jasper claims that he’ll ruin Neville’s life and leaves hastily. The rest of the story is unknown. What happened to his nephew? Did John have something to do with his disappearance? Numerous people close to Dickens, including his illustrator and son, have said that the master wanted to make John the murderer.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood Themes

Charles Dickens is famous for always mixing gripping romantic/dramatic/funny stories with one or multiple major themes that concern him at a certain time. In this book, he talks about jealousy and the unthinkable things that men are capable of when it comes to love.

John wasn’t a very likable man and the locals weren’t crazy about him. But he most certainly was a decent human being and tried to make an honest living. However, Rosa conquered his heart and mind, and that made him see every single chap around her as a potential rival.

Both Edwin and Rosa were orphans and grew up together. And, despite all the hardship on their way, they never strayed from the righteous path. Neville and his sis were also orphans. They were both proud people, morally rich and capable of great things.

John, however, was a drug addict, and that’s partially why he became madly obsessed with the girl. Opium in this novel plays the role of the ultimate evil that lurks around in the shadows and makes John do things he would never consider doing in his right mind.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood Movie, TV And Stage Adaptations

When it comes to film adaptations, we’ve got four of them to date. The very first one came out in 1909, and it was a silent release; another soundless film saw the light of day five years later. They’re largely unavailable to the regular folks.

In ’35, the first sound version hit the theaters. The movie cast included Mr. Rains, Montgomery, and Heather Angel. The most recent version came out in 1993. As for the TV editions, a popular miniseries premiered in 1960. It consisted of 8 episodes.

In 2012, BBC made a new version with quite a unique ending penned by Gwyneth Hughes. Fact: In 1980, the Soviets made their own adaptation – another miniseries for the TV.

Different Adaptations, Different Endings

After Charles Dickens died, the world received numerous theatrical editions of his last novel, ranging from great to good, average and bad. And, most of the adaptations took upon themselves to finish the story for the famed writer. Some plays even offered the audience to pick whom Jasper kills.

Yes, they were interactive, and folks used to really love these kinds of plays. A musical written by Holmes was first officially produced in ’85. It was a huge success and won several prestigious awards. The latest adaptation was introduced to the fans of Dickens’s books in 2012.


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