Travel Notes

by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote several travelogues that will be appreciated by the fans of smart and thrilling stories and observations. Travel Notes: READ ONLINE:

When asked about Charles Dickens, people don’t usually talk about his travelogues. However, he did write several travel notes, and they’re all equally worth your while. And while the American Notes are kinda aggressive and unfair towards the locals, they do describe the country as a beautiful, uplifting, encouraging place with a strong leadership and great people.

Still, the US community didn’t appreciate Dickens’s observations and some politics even called it a provocation to start a war between the two nations. In reality, though, all the writer really wanted to do was to provide a clear picture of the state of things in America. The country was still favoring slavery while the rest of the world was despising it.

And the businessmen and entrepreneurs in the big cities had only one thing in mind – to rob the honest hard-workers of their last pennies. Those are the major concerns that Dickens shared with his readers. At the end of the day, he admitted that North America impressed him beyond imagination and that its virtues were far ahead of its vices.

Once A Writer-Reporter, Always A Writer-Reporter

As for Pictures From Italy, it was yet another trip that Dickens embarked on with his wife and kids. It was supposed to be a vacation, but the writer took his time to observe the lives of the regular Italians and wrote about his first impressions in a diary that he later turned into a travelogue.

Now, while the Englishman was marveled by the grandiose architecture, the legacy, and the history, he couldn’t close his eyes on the poverty, corruption, and desperation that ruled the urban streets. Again, despite the horrors and the terrors, Dickens had great things to say about Italy.

This is probably one of the most slow-paced yet enjoyable works by the legendary writer. He didn’t want to shock or surprise his fans. He just reported on what he witnessed with his own eyes and even talked about “regular tourist problems” like hotel prices, the best spots for camping, and many other things.

Two Geniuses Working Together

The Lazy Tour is something entirely different. The critics are calling it one of the finest collaborations in history. Yes, the master joined forces with Collins, and together they created a true masterpiece. By using different aliases, they freed themselves from every single professional limit and embarked on a magnificent literary trip down the road.

The book is equally funny, exciting and insightful. The two writers used their magic to turn an average story into a truly standout cut. If you love unique books that are hilarious and uplifting, make sure to check it out on our website – you won’t be disappointed!

Notes And Observations

The Uncommercial Traveller is more of a traditional collection of short stories, notes, articles and observations rather than a travelogue or a sparkly joint effort. Dickens reported on real events that took place during his time, shared some of his most precious childhood memories, and, once again, talked about the impossible conditions of the workhouses.

These travel notes prove once again that Dickens was, indeed, a versatile writer and always delivered books worth every last penny the readers paid for them.


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